Mozilla Firefox and Tor will Combine to Save Our Online Privacy

A new strategic privacy initiative called “Polaris” is to be launched by Mozilla since the non-profit seems to be aware that many, the vast majority, of their users are beginning to think that the privacy on the internet is slowly deteriorating and falling apart. It’s the Tor Project.

The Tor Project, along with the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) has been advising Mozilla about things related to privacy technology, open standards and future product collaborations, according to Tor’s Andrew Lewman.


The first project is currently being developed underway and it is said to involve Mozilla engineers, creating and raking through their own codes to try and see if they could make Tor work better. This step proves to be significant in the process of the development since the Tor browser will be based on the Firefox code.

The next stage will follow Mozilla as it hosts its own high-capacity Tor middle relays. This will help speed up Tor’s connections around the globe since it is known that middle relays carry traffic from anonymous uses to exit relays.

If the first project sounds interesting enough, it was stated that the second project will be much more exciting since Mozilla says that it is going to test a feature that projects their users, who want to be from invasive tracking with no penalizing advertisers and content sites to ones that respect the preferences of these users.

It seems that this feature could somehow, one day, come to Firefox and it sounds somewhat like the rumoured “Tor button” for Firefox that the company is also currently working on.

It seems that Facebook would also be offering a special Tor-only URL to make it easier for anonymous users to make access on the internet. Along with that recent news, it can be concluded that the little Onion Router could finally be able to ride the mainstream. Reference: blog mozilla

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