New Skype Now Available for Web Browsers No Downloads

One of the giants in breaking down the communication barriers for more than a decade is Skype. It had always been at the forefront of real-time voice and video call/chat.

In current times, Skype is now available on our personal computers, our mobile phones, television and even game consoles, expanding to various platforms that helped in long distance communications.

Skype has grown into 2 billion daily minutes, equivalent to over 33 million hours of voice and video calls.

A brand new mode of using Skype is being rolled out for its customers, exciting those who have been using it in a regular basis. Not only can one use the program in almost every screen one can lay hands upon but now, it can be also enjoyed by the use of a browser.

Skype for Web (Beta) makes the whole experience even quicker and easier than it had ever been before to connect with family, friends and colleagues around the world. Of course, for free, directly from

Some people who prefer using the web than an app would find this version better because it’s more convenient to get to one’s conversations.

You can use the Skype for Web without going through the trouble of downloading it on your computer before you can get started. That means chatting had been made even faster. It’s just like any other online social networking sites where you simply sign in and then, you’re already connected, ready to begin instant messaging directly from the browser your preference—may it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome on Windows or Safari.

Those who already have Skype can sign in directly at where you can find your latest contact history along with your contacts.

For now, Skype for Web is available to a small number of existing and new users to start and gradually, rolling out across the world in the upcoming months. When this is available in your area, an invitation when you sign in to your Skype account on will be visible.

Look out for access to Skype for Web on in the coming weeks and give it a shot!

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