Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online in the Philippines

If you are asked to pay a fee to work online walk away it is a scam!

Earning money online has been a controversial subject for some time now mainly because of bad user experiences and scams.

However, the market for online work is starting to mature and the fraudsters are being weeded out, which makes us genuine online freelance employees a viable option for many companies seeking specific skill sets for their products such as advertising and marketing.

In the past websites were the way forward and websites still play a major role in online business. However, increasingly the use of blog content is becoming more important and relevant to many businesses as a way of getting the message out about their products.

What Will I Need to Work and Earn Online?

Okay, it goes without saying you will need the basics like:

  1. Desktop or laptop,
  2. A decent internet connection is necessary also. Today some mobile internet connections provide enough performance for you to enter into online business.
  3. A bank, Paypal account to receive the money, Gcash or PayMaya(Maya) with virtual card.
  4. And Yourself!

You will need a certain level of skills such as a good understanding of English written and oral. With most computer software, offering grammar and spell checking you will still need to have above basic skills. Your skills will increase the more you practice and the more online jobs you perform.

Research is the key to any good online work you present to your client. You should take the time to perform quality research before starting your project.

Where Should I Start to Look For Online Work?

Great question to ask, so let us discuss how we can find work online and earn a living.

There are a number of online businesses advertising for freelance workers, some are overseas and the others based in the Philippines. To be honest, the only thing you should be interested in is producing quality work and being paid for your services. Location of your customer does not come in to the equation.

If you choose an overseas company, the likelihood is the pay will be better but the demands will be higher. Working online is like any other job, you need to perform and meet expectations to be paid for your work.

I found a reputable company called UpWork who offer many opportunities to bid for projects. You need to register and provide a fair amount of info before you start but once registered you can bid for work.

Online work with companies like UpWork consists of data entry, writing articles and maybe blogs for the client. These are the best place for the newbie to start working.

There are many of these companies available so get researching.

Website Construction (This requires advanced level of skills)

The cost to you the creator is minimal and the client produces most page content. You just need to place the content in an order that makes sense and your earning money.

Check out Go Daddy for prices and demos. It is well worth the small investment for a large reward for minimal effort.

It is worth mentioning that the more effort you put in to your online business the better your results will be. You will no longer need to bid for jobs when word of mouth and customer reviews will kick in and elevate you to the top rankings if you are serious about earning online.

If you can learn how to provide search engine optimization then this will also boost your income.

An interesting point of website construction and SEO is that once you have your reputation the work will come to you.

Sell Online through eCommerce Website

We all know that eCommerce is taking over the world at present and nothing will change, as each successive generation becomes more techs literate.

Therefore, it makes common sense to have your own website selling clothes, jewelry and tech products. It is reported that the eCommerce industry will be worth a whopping 23 trillion USD by 2020 that is 18 months away!

It is relatively easy to affiliate with other online companies and earn commissions from the sales. Amazon in particular promote this method of sales and with amazons product range it is possible to make life changing money if you are prepared to put time and effort into setting up your business.

However, there are smaller fish to fry where you can make a decent living. Again, research is the key to online success.

You can also sell online through 

Shopee they are online shopping site where buyers and sellers meet. I know someone who sells a garment and earns almost a million for 8 months.

Lazada is the same with shopee but they are far ahead in terms of business, aside from selling online through their site they also offer affiliate marketing where you can just get a link from their site and post it anywhere you want. If someone clicked on that link and buys a product you earn a percent from that sale.


How can I make money from writing a blog? By being, selective and writing great content is the answer. Let me explain why this works and how it can be lucrative for you.

We have created a complete tutorial on how to start you blog and earn you big time.

Most small to medium enterprises (SME) do not have a marketing department, however they do have a budget for marketing!

If you have the skills to write creative content then this is a good way for you to make a good living while sitting at home with minimum stress.

Blogs can literally be about anything from your new mobile phone to the restaurant you dined in last week. A single thread joins these businesses together. They all want to increase their business and profit; they know the best way is through online marketing.

How to earn from blogging? well from advertisement!

Google adsense – where you will be paid for every click on their advertisement placed on your blog.

Direct Advertiser 
– you see those blogs who post review about restaurants, gadgets and other products? Well many them are paid, some with cash or the product itself is given free to the blogger.

Be patient, blogging could turn your fortunes around.

Once you have found the correct blog you could earn as much as 1000USD or 53,000 PhP per month for four hours work per day.

Writing Articles, Copywriting, and Proof Reading

Look, if you can write a blog then writing an article is a walk in the park for you and is not beyond people with limited English and computer skills. They are rarely time sensitive so take your time. Normally an article will consist of 1000 words and will take you a little over an hour to complete.

Typically, you will be paid 250 pesos for each article and to write three in a day is easy going by anyone’s standards.

If you decide, you can work seven days per week your income is 22,500 pesos. This is not bad for half a day’s work seven days per week with little stress!

UpWork – is the world largest online workplace for freelancers.

199Jobs – for me this is the local counterpart of UpWork, and that’s is where I work and sell my services.

Fiverr – is an online marketplace for freelance services, You can sell almost every services that you do.

If you enjoy reading, proof reading is an easy start into working online. You will need to be meticulous with punctuation, spelling and grammar.  Proof reading often suits the older generation who grew up reading books instead of playing video games.

Copy writing is another one of those skills where you need to be attentive and diligent in your work. The rewards can be good if you decide to work full or part time.

The information is available to you online from companies such as UpWork, Freelancer etc.

Marketing Though Social Media

This is another great way to earn a good income, but this option needs some careful thought and planning.

I have mentioned before most companies prefer not to retain a marketing department simply because the results can be hit and miss but the expenditure for salaries remains fixed.

If you are able to plan, strategize, and understand that marketing is not about boosting your Facebook page then this option can offer you income of 1,500USD per day.

I know some page owner who rents their pages with other brands and marketers. They earn big amount of money depending on the niche or topic of their pages. Also the followers and likers’ amount will be considered in renting your pages, the more likes the more money you can get.

The key to this is building a reputation and being focused on what you can learn and achieve when you take a single-minded approach.


Wherever you check either you will find someone wanting their work to be formatted into an acceptable eBook format, or they want writers to complete a number of pages for their eBook on a particular subject.

This is easy if you have patience to learn. Look on YouTube there are many tutorials you can choose from to help you with your project. Most of the formatting software is free or you can choose to buy at a minimal cost.

This is a good option to take seriously, there is an abundance of customers looking for this service and who knows you may even publish your own eBook and earn money from the sales.


If you have a particular skill like banking, civil engineering or any other work that is in demand it is easy to become a freelancer and sell your skills.

You can bid for work and sell your services at a higher price than a direct employee sells.

How can this be? Well your customer does not consider you as an overhead on the payroll, no employer contributions for tax, Phil health, Pag-ibig and so on. This is what makes you more attractive than a regular employee. Once the project is over and you have received payment the employer can dispense with your services until the next project comes along.


Here is the truth, you can earn as much by working online than being a regular employee. Your time is yours and you decide what work you accept and what you reject.

Businesses are moving away from expensive office rental payments, businesses will increasingly utilize the skills of the online working community to bolster their profits while having no commitment to the contractor.

I work exclusively online and I can tell you it is enjoyable, informative and my income is what I decide it needs to be from month to month.

I have average education but I practice writing and read as much as I can to improve my English. I work for all types of clients from the Middle East, USA, Europe and Philippines.

If you are asked to pay a fee to work online walk away it is a scam.

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