What Causes Lag and Slow Smartphones, Know How to Fixed Them Here

Smart phones has become a staple need for human beings since the start of the 21st century. These gadgets are multi-functional, thus proving to be a must companion for anyone. However, one common problem that these trustworthy companion has is the lagging issues. These includes occasional slowing of its performance, the freezing applications and delaying responses from the touch screen. This is usually irritating for users.

What Causes Lag and Slow Smartphones, Know How to Fixed Them Here

One reason for these lags is the number of applications running in your phone’s memory. If you installed too many apps, chances are these will run on your background consuming memory resulting to lags. There are two ways to prevent this. You could restrict the apps from running on the background manually through your phone’s settings or you could download applications that could automatically shut them down.

Sometimes, a prompt “Low on Space/Memory” could be encountered. This is likely caused by installing a lot of apps or using social medias like Facebook or Instagram. This would cause your email to be disabled. You could clear the cache of your Facebook or Instagram or you could also move your apps to your microSD card or external memory to give way to your phone memory. You might have to install a special utility app to use this function.

If you keep on experiencing some lag issues even after you have checked the first two solutions, it’s probably time to check if your software is updated. There could be instance that the real problem lies on your phone’s software. No worries because these kinds of issues are almost immediately addressed by the manufacturer so you might likely see updates on your phone’s official website or you could set your phone to update automatically.

Playing games for too long could also be the culprit for your device slowness. This usually cause your phone to heat up alternately giving light to severe lag. It is advisable to rest your device for a few minutes until it cools down; much better if your turn it off.

Virus or malwares could also one of the possible reasons your phone is getting slower. This is mostly true if you always download unverified applications or even clicking suspicious links in some websites. The best solution is to install a mobile scanner or Antivirus and use it to delete harmful files on your mobile device. In severe cases, you might need to get your phone reformatted.

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